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My work is combination of the subjective and spontaneous. My inspiration comes from everyday feelings, forms and textures. Through different techniques I search to find a visual balance through which asystematic compositions.

In my process I find a challenge to create interesting art pieces for the spectator without moving away from what is simple and modern. My technique allows me to create unexpected visual effects where the work also ends up surprising me.

The preference to integrate gold in all my work accomplishes my objective to obtain an appealing visual experience. The duality of a monochromatic palette against gold is a representation of the value of what is learned and the inner struggle of the desire to continuously grow and improve.


Born in Guatemala City in 1995, Isabel is a visual artist who has been in contact with art since a very young age. She has taken courses in art academies and all the way through college, but her learning process has been based in her desire to learn by experimenting. Since she was young she has a special bond with painting were her first canvases where the walls of her childhood home.

“I’m inspired by feelings There’re moments in which regardless of the emotion I’m living, this are reflected in the strokes and brushes of my work.”

In her last years during her international high school degree, she learns several creative disciplines and discovers her desire to pursue a creative carrier. She studies graphic design at Universidad del Istmo and through its courses explores conceptual methods that lead her to develop and eye for esthetics with an inclination for modern and minimalistic styles. After completing her studies in 2018, Isabel decides to fully commit to an artistic carrier experimenting and combining several techniques that define her personal style.

“The idea to create something original every day motivates me. Just the thought that I can create something that doesn’t exists inspires me.”

Today, Isabel lives and works in Guatemala City and she is an artist resident at Proyecto Haciendo Arte. Next to other artists she works to make her personal dream come true, share with the world her work and leave a mark in the guatemalan art scene.


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